Introduction to Natural for VSAM

This section describes the components and the structure of the Natural interface to VSAM.

This section covers the following topics:

Components of Natural for VSAM

The Natural interface to VSAM consists of the following components:

  • The NVSNUC module, which is mandatory, environment-independent, and delivered as a load module only.

  • The Natural parameters specific to VSAM, defined in the Natural parameter module.

  • The I/O module, which is mandatory, differs depending on the actual environment, and is delivered in source form only.

  • The modules necessary when running with VSAM system files; they are optional and delivered as load modules only.

  • The user exits.

  • Callable system services.

Natural for VSAM is fully (E)LPA or SVA-compliant for multiple environments (for example, CICS, Com-plete and batch). The Natural parameter module and the appropriate I/O module must be linked to the front-end module.

Structure of the Natural Interface to VSAM