XML Toolkit


XML, the eXtensible Markup Language, has become one of the most relevant standards and a driving force for Web applications. As of Natural Version 4 for mainframes , XML documents can be created, processed and made available. Because complete highly nested XML documents can be very large, Natural's data-definition and data-manipulation capabilities have been extended with large (up to one gigabyte) and dynamic variables.

This Document

The XML Toolkit provides Natural with XML document processing capabilities. A Natural data definition can be generated from an XML Document Type Definition (DTD), and vice versa. The content of a Natural variable can be serialized into an XML document. And an XML document can be parsed into a Natural variable.

This document describes an example application that demonstrates the use of XML within a Natural-for-Mainframes environment without external program parts.

The following topics are covered:

Using the XML Toolkit
Setting Up Specific Generation Options
Using a Natural Data Source
Using an external Data Source
Natural Simple XML Parser
Parser Error Messages

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