Starting a Natural Application with a URL

The connection parameters available in the configuration file for the session and on the logon page can also be specified as URL parameters of the logon page URL. This allows bookmarking the startup URL of a Natural application or starting an application by clicking a hyperlink in a document.

The URL parameters overrule the definitions in the configuration file, with the exception described in the table below.

The following URL parameters are available for the logon page:

URL Parameter Corresponding Option in the Session Configuration
natsession Session ID
natserver Host name
natport Port number
natuser User name
natprog Application
natparam Natural parameters
natparamext Natural parameters

The URL parameter natparamext extends an existing Natural parameter definition in the configuration file. The extension works in the following way: the Natural parameters defined in the configuration file come first. Then, the Natural parameters defined in the URL parameter natparamext are added, separated by a space character.

If you want to overrule the definition in the configuration file, use the URL parameter natparam instead.

nattimeout Timeout (n seconds)

All parameter values must be URL-encoded.

Example: In order to start the Natural program dump, while your application server is running on myhost:8080 and your Natural Web I/O Interface server is running on myserver1:4811, you can use the following URL: