Listing Servers Registered on EntireX Broker

You can obtain information on RPC servers registered on EntireX Broker by using the SYSRPC SRVLIST direct command.

SYSRPC SRVLIST sends a call to EntireX Broker requesting information on RPC servers registered on EntireX Broker with the attributes SERVER-CLASS=RPC and SERVICE=CALLNAT.

You can execute SYSRPC SRVLIST online (issued from a Natural command prompt) or in batch mode.

When you execute this command online, a window prompts you to logon to the EntireX Broker specified in the command.

The following command syntax applies to SYSRPC SRVLIST:

SYSRPC SRVLIST server-name ON broker-name [[PORT] port-number][TRANSPORT {TCP|SSL|NET}][USING{HEAD1MAP|object-name}]

The symbols used in the syntax diagram are explained in the section Syntax Symbols in the Statements documentation.

The syntax elements are explained in the following table:

Syntax Element Format/Length Description
server-name A32 Name of an RPC server or a range of names

An asterisk (*) selects all names, asterisk notation selects all names that start with the specified value.

broker-name A32 Name of the EntireX Broker or a range of names

An asterisk (*) selects all names, asterisk notation selects all names that start with the specified value.

port-number N5 Port number of the network address used for the server connection.

Valid values: 0 to 65535

TRANSPORT A3 Transport method used by EntireX Broker:  
TCP TCP/IP protocol
SSL SSL or TLS (not supported on z/VSE)
NET Entire Net-Work (not supported on UNIX or Windows)
object-name A8 Name of the Natural text object used to customize a server report.

See also Customizing Server Lists.

This section covers the following topics:

Example of an SYSRPC SRVLIST Direct Command


This command returns data for all servers whose names start with SERV on EntireX Broker BRK123.

Viewing a Server List

When you execute the SYSRPC SRVLIST direct command online, a Servers list screen similar to the example below appears:

 13:03:53             ***** NATURAL SYSRPC SRVLIST *****             2016-07-14
                       - Servers registered on BRK123 -                        
 Cmd  Server           TransRoutine   Requests ConvTimeouts ServersActive Conv>
 ---  ---------------- ------------ ---------- ------------ ------------- ---->
  _   SERVRPC1                               0           60             1      
  _   SERVRPC2         SAGTCHA               0           60             1      
  _   SERVRPC3                               0           60             1      
  _   SERVRPC4         SAGTCHA              76           60             1      
  _   SERVRPC5                            2035           60             1      
  _   QA42RPC6         RPCTRNS              25          600             2      
  _   QA42RPC7                           11190           60             1      
  _   QA42RPC8                             206           60             1      
Command ===>                                                                   
      Help        Exit              --    -     +     ++          >     Canc

The columns and column headings on the Servers screen are described in the HEAD1MAP text object. See also Customizing Server Lists.

You can navigate through the list and view additional server information by using the following commands described in the following table.

The leftmost column containing the name of the RPC server is always retained at its position when you scroll right or left in the list.

Command Description
PF3 Terminates the command.
PF6 Scrolls data to the leftmost column.
PF7 Scrolls data to the left.
PF8 or PF11 Scrolls data to the right.
PF9 Scrolls data to the rightmost column.
I Line command entered in the Cmd column for a listed server.

Displays additional information on a single RPC server: See also Viewing Additional Server Information.

Viewing Additional Server Information

You can display additional information on a specific RPC server.

Start of instruction setTo display additional information for a single server

  • In the Cmd column of the Servers screen, enter the line command I next to the server for which you want to display additional information.

    An Information on Server screen similar to the example below appears:

     15:16:28             ***** NATURAL SYSRPC SRVLIST *****             2016-07-14
                     - Information on Server SERVRPC4 on BRK123 -                  
     Description                                                Value              
     ---------------------------------------------------------- -------------------
     Character set used on platform...........................: EBCDIC SNI         
     Endian type of platform..................................: Big endian         
     Status of user...........................................: Waiting            
     Kind of conversation for which user waits................: NEW                
     Server for which user waits (Class=RPC/Service=CALLNAT)..: SERVRPC4           
     Number of active conversations of this user..............: 0                  
     Number of services active (offered) by this server.......: 1                  
     Elapsed time since the last activity of the user.........: 95                 
     Non-activity timeout in seconds..........................: 600                
     Accumulated time server waited for new conversations.....: 68856              
     Number of times server waited for new conversations......: 190                
     Accumulated time server or client waited for messages of>: 0                  
     Number of times server or client waited for messages of >: 0                  
     Sum of conversations for the user since start of session.: 76                 
     Number of UOWs (units of work)...........................: 0                  
     IPv4 address of server...................................:       
    Command ===>

    The screen displays all information EntireX Broker returned for the requested server. See also Customizing Server Lists.

Customizing Server Lists

You can rearrange a list of servers or a server information list as required by using the Natural HEAD1MAP or HEAD2MAP text object, respectively. HEAD1MAP and HEAD2MAP are supplied in the SYSRPC system library.

We recommend that you copy HEAD1MAP (list of servers) from the SYSRPC library to a user-defined library before you start editing the list. You can then rename the object and reference it in the SRVLIST command. You cannot rename HEAD2MAP (server information) list).

The text objects to be used must be contained in the current library, the library specified with the NTRPC/RPC keyword subparameter RPCSDIR (see the Parameter Reference documentation), or the SYSRPC system library if the object name HEAD1MAP is used.

HEAD1MAP and HEAD2MAP contain instructions on how you change a list according to your needs. You can comment out the source code lines for columns and headings not required in your report. You can change code line positions to reorder columns. Exceptions:

  • For HEAD1MAP: You must not comment out or move the first source line containing the SERVER-NAME field. You must not change the name of a field in the Field column.

  • For HEAD2MAP: You must not change the name of a field in the Field column.