%E - Display Screen Captures


With this command, you can display any screens that have been captured with the NATPAGE screen paging function; see also NATPAGE Utility - Screen Capturing.

This command suspends normal processing and enters the display mode of the screen paging function: A list of all screens captured with this function (by using the terminal commands %I and %P) is displayed; including screen number, time of capturing, and map name (if the screen is a map). From the list you can then select the screens you wish to have displayed. You cannot enter any data on the displayed screens.

When a screen is captured with %I or %P, two items of information are superimposed on the screen: the time when the screen was captured, and a screen number (the screens are numbered sequentially in the order in which they are captured).

In NATPAGE display mode, an input field (CMD) is provided in which you can enter the following scrolling commands:

Command Function
TOP or T Displays the first screen which was captured.
BOT or B Displays the last screen which was captured.
nnn Displays the screen with screen number nnn.
+nnn Scrolls nnn screens forward.
-nnn Scrolls nnn screens backward.
. Terminates display mode.

If you attempt to scroll to a screen number which does not exist, either the first or the last screen is displayed, depending on the scrolling direction.

See also the terminal commands %P, %O, %S, and %I.