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This document covers the following topics:


The OPTIONS statement can be used to specify compilation options as parameters for the current Natural object. These are the same options that can be specified

  • statically with the NTCMPO macro;

  • dynamically with the CMPO parameter;

  • within a Natural session with the COMPOPT system command.

In addition, the OPTIONS statement can be used to specify options for the Natural Optimizer Compiler. These options are described in the Natural Optimizer Compiler documentation.

Natural Optimizer Compiler options specified with the MCG option are checked for validity even if the Natural Optimizer Compiler is not installed.

Processing of Multiple OPTIONS Statements

If multiple OPTIONS statements are specified within the same Natural object, the option settings take effect immediately. However, this is not the case with the options PSIGNF, TSENABL, GFID, DB2BIN and DB2PKYU. For these options, the option value specified with the last OPTIONS statement applies.