TS - Translate Output from Programs in System Libraries

This Natural profile and session parameter is used to translate output from Natural system libraries (that is, libraries whose names begin with SYS) using a translation table. This may be necessary for locations which have non-standard lower-case usage (for example, Middle East or Far East countries).

The TS parameter applies only to primary output (CMPRINT, see Natural in Batch Mode in the Operations documentation).

Possible settings ON Output is translated.

With TS=ON, the profile parameter LC=OFF and the session parameter AD=T, both of which translate input to upper case, are ignored, as they would cause undesired character translation for special character sets.

OFF Output is not translated.
Default setting OFF  
Dynamic specification yes  
Specification within session yes  
Applicable statements SET GLOBALS  
Applicable command GLOBALS  
Application programming interface USR1005N See SYSEXT - Natural Application Programming Interfaces in the Utilities documentation.


  1. Error messages or warnings are translated if the English version of the text is displayed. If the text is displayed in the local language (for example, Hebrew), it is not translated into upper-case characters. The translation of messages and warnings does not depend on the library from where the program is executed.
  2. Within a Natural session, the profile parameter TS can be overridden by the session parameter TS.
  3. The translation table can be modified with the NTTABL macro or the corresponding dynamic profile parameter TABL.

Support of TS=ON for Natural under IMS TM Messages

All Natural under IMS TM messages are translated into upper case if TS=ON is specified in the Natural session.

Support of TS=ON for RPC Server Trace

All messages in the Natural RPC server trace are translated into upper case if TS=ON is specified in the Natural RPC server session. The trace of the data from/to the client is not affected by TS=ON and remains unchanged.

Other Parameters to Provide Upper Case Translation

In addition to honoring TS=ON, several Natural components provide an UCTRAN parameter to provide for translation of messages into upper case, even if the setting of the TS parameter is not (or not yet) available. These components are:

For the Natural Development Server, the configuration parameter UPPERCASE_SYSTEMMESSAGES with similar functionality is available, for details, see Configuring the Natural Development Server in the Natural Development Server documentation.