BX - Box Definition

With this session parameter, you specify which parts of a box are to be displayed for field outlining.


  1. Outlining ("boxing") is the capability to generate a line around certain fields when they are displayed on the terminal screen. Drawing such boxes around fields is another method of showing the user the lengths of fields and their positions on the screen. The outlining feature is only available on certain types of terminals, usually those which also support the display of double-byte character sets. If the terminal used does not support outlining, this parameter will be ignored at execution time.
  2. See also terminal command %D=.
Possible settings T Top horizontal line. See Note 1.
B Bottom horizontal line. See Note 1.
L Lefthand vertical line. See Notes 1 and 2.
R Righthand vertical line. See Notes 1 and 2.
ON Corresponds to BX=TBLR.
OFF Causes no boxes to be drawn around the fields concerned.
Default setting OFF  
Applicable statements FORMAT  


Parameter may be specified at statement level and/or at element level.
Applicable command none  


  1. You can specify the values T, B, L, R in any order.
  2. If you use the session parameter settings BX=L or BX=R, you should switch off Natural's screen optimization using the profile parameter setting DSC=OFF or the Natural terminal command %RO.


        #FIELD2 (BX=TLRB)