SKEY - Storage Key for Program Execution

This Natural profile parameter only applies on z/OS and z/VSE platforms.

SKEY determines the storage key of the TP monitor interface (Com-plete or CICS) under which Natural runs.

For details on Com-plete storage protect keys, see the related Com-plete documentation. For details on CICS key execution, see the related IBM documentation.

Possible settings ON Natural runs in the storage key of the TP monitor under which the Natural program executes:
  • Under Com-plete: Natural uses the storage protect key 8 of Com-plete to obtain storage for program execution.

  • Under CICS: Natural uses CICS key even if EXECKEY(USER) is defined in CICS.

    EXECKEY(USER) with SKEY=ON does not have the same effect as EXECKEY(CICS), in particular, when CICS transaction isolation is active.

OFF Natural runs in a storage key that is different from the TP monitor under which the Natural program executes.

Under CICS, Natural uses the execution key (EXECKEY) as defined in CICS.

We recommend this setting to obtain the maximum benefits from the CICS storage protection facility if used.

Default setting OFF  
Dynamic specification yes  
Specification within session no