HCAM - Hardcopy Access Method

This Natural profile parameter determines which access method is to be used for hardcopy output processing.

Possible settings With HCAM=value, you can specify one of the following access-method names:
Access Method:
STD Standard sequential file (batch, TSO, TIAM).
COMP Com-plete print file.
CICS CICS transient data or temporary storage.
IMS IMS TM printer.
NAF Natural Advanced Facilities.
USER Third-party vendor print interface.
SMARTS SMARTS print file.
ESS Entire System Server.
ANY Hardcopy output processing will be handled by the first access method available (the search sequence for available access methods is the sequence in which the access methods are listed here).
OFF Hardcopy output processing will not be handled by any access method.
Default setting ANY  
Dynamic specification yes  
Specification within session no  


  1. HCAM=value is equivalent to the AM subparameter of the profile parameter PRINT for Print File 0, that is, PRINT=((0),AM=xxx).
  2. The hardcopy output destination is specified using the profile parameter HCDEST. More specifications for the hardcopy output file can be made using the PRINT profile parameter or the NTPRINT macro for Printer 0.
  3. Under BS2000, HCAM=STD is a necessary setting for routing hardcopy output to standard print files.