FAMSTD - Overwriting of Print and Work File Access Method Assignments

This Natural profile parameter controls the automatic overwriting of print and work file access method assignments during session initialization according to the data set definition in the job control.

See also the AM subparameter of the macros NTPRINT and NTWORK.

Possible settings ON All print and work file data sets are automatically assigned to the batch access method AM=STD if the logical data set name (defined by the DEST subparameter) is defined by job control.
OFF Automatic print and work file assignment to AM=STD is done only if the file is not assigned to another access method; for example, AM=NAF.

If AM=OFF is specified, no automatic assignment is done. Specify AM=0 if you want to reset the access method type and to allow automatic assignment.

Default setting OFF  
Dynamic specification yes  
Specification within session no