DBROLL - Database Calls before Session Suspension

This Natural profile parameter determines the number of database calls after which a Natural session is suspended, that is, a potential roll-out of the Natural thread is to be performed.

Possible settings 0 - 32767 Number of database calls.
Default setting 0 No session suspension for database calls.
Dynamic specification yes  
Specification within session no  


  1. This Natural profile parameter only applies under CICS and Com-plete.
  2. When the non-zero DBROLL count is reached, Natural issues a conditional CMROLL request. (see Note Concerning CMROLL in the description of profile parameter MAXROLL); that is, when other sessions are waiting for a thread, the session is suspended, which may result in a roll-out of the Natural thread.
  3. In CICS, if no other session is waiting, just an EXEC CICS SUSPEND is executed to relinquish control to other tasks of higher or equal dispatching priority.