COMP - Parameters for Natural Com-plete/SMARTS Interface

This Natural profile parameter is used to specify the parameters for the Natural Com-plete/SMARTS Interface. It corresponds to the NTCOMP macro in the Natural parameter module.

Possible settings See COMP Parameter Syntax.
Default setting See Keyword Subparameters.
Dynamic specification yes The parameter COMP can only be specified dynamically. In the Natural parameter module, use the macro NTCOMP.
Specification within session no  

For information on the Natural Com-plete/SMARTS Interface, see Natural under Com-plete/SMARTS in the TP Monitor Interfaces documentation.

The following topics are covered:

COMP Parameter Syntax

The COMP parameter is specified as follows:


See Keyword Subparameters.

NTCOMP Macro Syntax

The NTCOMP macro is specified as follows:

         NTCOMP EXIT=value,                                            *
               HCDTID=value,                                           *
               INITID=value,                                           *
               LC=value,                                               *
               LE370=value,                                            *
               MSGHDR=value,                                           *
               NTHSIZE=value,                                          *
               SERVER=value,                                           *
               SPIEA=value,                                            *
               THABOVE=value,                                          *
               TTYxxx=value,                                           *
               UCTRAN=value,                                           *

See Keyword Subparameters.

Keyword Subparameters


EXIT - User Exit Module Name

EXIT=value defines a user exit module name which can be called during a session initialization before Natural is initialized.

Value: Explanation:
1 - 8 characters, or ' ' (blank) Name of user exit.
' ' (blank) No user exit is used.

This is the default value.

HCDTID - Initialization of Hardcopy Destination

HCDTID=value controls the initialization of the hardcopy destination.

Value: Explanation:
ON The hardcopy destination is initialized with the terminal ID.
OFF The hardcopy destination corresponds to the logical terminal name.

This is the default value.

INITID - Content of *INIT-ID

INITID=value controls the content of the system variable *INIT-ID.

Value: Explanation:
TIBNAM *INIT-ID contains the logical unit name of the user's terminal.
TID *INIT-ID contains the string lbnnnnnn , where l is the stack level on which the session is running, b is blank and nnnnnn is the TID number, right justified without leading zeroes.

This is the default value (Natural terminal ID).

CPATCH *INIT-ID contains the same string as with INITID=TID, except that b is the Com-plete patch character instead of a blank.

LC - Enable Lower-Case Mode

LC=value can be used to switch the terminal between lower-case and upper-case mode.

Value: Explanation:
ON Lower-case mode.

This is the default value.

OFF Upper-case mode.

LE 370 - LE/370 Environment Usage

LE370=value specifies the usage of LE/370 as preinitialized environment (CEEPIPI interface) under Complete/SMARTS.

Value: Explanation:
ON All 3GL calls are handled in the preinitialized LE/370-enclave.
OFF This is the default value.

MSGHDR - Activation of Message Header

MSGHDR=value activates or deactivates a message header for Natural error and termination messages using Com-plete's message switching facility for asynchronous Natural transactions.

Value: Explanation:
ON The message header is activated.

This is the default value.

OFF The message header is deactivated.

NTHSIZE - Natural Thread Size

NTHSIZE=value specifies the size of the storage area used for Natural's buffers, data areas and thread.

Value: Explanation:
256 - 2097151 Size in KB. The actual upper limit is determined by the size of the Com-plete thread.
1024 This is the default value.

This storage area is allocated within the physical Com-plete thread. The remaining area (Com-plete region size RG for the Natural transaction minus NTHSIZE value) is available for dynamically loading non-Natural subroutines, increasing of variable Natural thread buffers or for Natural work pools, for example.

SERVER - Name of Natural Server

SERVER=value defines the name of the Natural server which is initialized during Com-plete startup.

Value: Explanation:
1 - 8 characters Name of the Natural Server.
NCFNAT82 This is the default value.


  1. The specified server is used to maintain common storage and tables across Natural sessions, for example, local buffer pools. The server must be defined in the Com-plete startup.
  2. It is possible to copy the supplied server module NCFNAT82 under a different name and to link and run different Natural Com-plete interfaces with different servers, that is, with different sets of local buffer pools in the same Com-plete.

SPIEA - Activation of ABEXIT Exits

SPIEA=value activates or deactivates the ABEXIT exits.

Value: Explanation:
ON Activates the ABEXIT exit.

This is the default value.

OFF Deactivates the ABEXIT exit. Should be used for test purposes only.

THABOVE - Location of Natural Thread

THABOVE=value determines the location of the Natural thread (see NTHSIZE parameter).

Value: Explanation:
ON The Natural thread is allocated in the Com-plete thread extension above the 16 MB line.

This is the default value (use Com-plete thread extension).

OFF The Natural thread is allocated in the physical Com-plete thread below the 16 MB line

TTYxxx - TTY Device Control Characters

TTYxxx=value sets teletypewriter (TTY) device control characters. The following hexadecimal values can be set:

Value: Explanation:
TTYCR=0D TTY carriage return
TTYLF=15 TTY line feed
TTYIC=00 TTY idle character
TTYNIC=00 TTY number of idle characters
TTYBS=16 TTY backspace
TTYAL=07 TTY alarm

There is no default value.

UCTRAN - Lower-Case to Upper-Case Translation of Com-plete/SMARTS Error Messages

UCTRAN=value controls the lower-case to upper-case translation of the Com-plete/SMARTS error messages.

Value: Explanation:
ON Upper-case translation enabled.
OFF Upper-case translation disabled.

This is the default value.

U2PRINT - Dynamic Printer Allocation

U2PRINT=value controls Com-plete's dynamic printer allocation feature for hardcopy requests.

Value: Explanation:
ON Natural calls for hardcopy requests Com-plete's U2PRINT routine to specify a printer destination.
OFF Disables the dynamic hardcopy printer allocation. Natural uses the default value from Natural profile parameter HCDEST.

This is the default value.

Example of COMP Parameter


Example of NTCOMP Macro

         NTCOMP LE370=ON,                                              *
               INITID=TIBNAM,                                          *