ADANAME - Name of Adabas Link Routine

This Natural profile parameter specifies the name of the Adabas link routine to be used.

Possible settings 1 - 8 characters Valid module or entry name.
Default setting ADABAS  
Dynamic specification yes  
Specification within session no  


  1. ADANAME does not apply to openUTM and Com-plete.
  2. If the Adabas link routine is linked to the Natural parameter module and its entry name is the same as the one specified by ADANAME in the parameter module, the linked routine will be used. If not, the specified link routine will be loaded dynamically. Thus, it is no longer necessary to statically link the Adabas link module to the Natural nucleus.
  3. It is possible to run the same Natural nucleus with different Adabas link modules.
  4. Under CICS, the Adabas link routine must not be linked to Natural.