Installing Natural Optimizer Compiler Version 8.3.5 on BS2000

This document describes the steps for installing the Natural Optimizer Compiler Version 8.3.5 (product code NOC) on BS2000.

Related Topic:

For information on the features and functions provided by the Natural Optimizer Compiler, see the Natural Optimizer Compiler documentation.

Notation vrs or vr:

When used in this document, the notation vrs or vr represents the relevant product version (see also Version in the Glossary).


The following software must be installed before you can install the Natural Optimizer Compiler Version 8.3.5:

  • Natural Version 8.2.7 (or higher)

See also General Prerequisites and System Support in the section Overview of the Installation Process.

Installation Medium

The installation medium contains the following file required for product installation:

File Name Contents
NOCvrs.MOD Load modules and object modules

Copy the file into your environment as described in Copying Files to a BS2000 Disk in the section Installing Natural.

Sample Jobs

Sample installation jobs are contained in the NATvrs.JOBS file and are prefixed with the product code. The file is provided on the installation medium supplied for base Natural.

Installation Procedure

Be sure to read Installation Process and Major Natural Features before you start the installation procedure.

Step 1: Build the Natural Parameter Module

(Jobs I060 and I080)

  1. Activate the Natural Optimizer Compiler by adding the following macro to your Natural parameter module:


    See also Macro NTOPT in the Natural Optimizer Compiler documentation.

  2. Assemble and link the Natural parameter module.

Step 2: Relink the Nucleus or Dynamically Load Modules

You can either statically link the Natural Optimizer Compiler modules to the nucleus or dynamically load them when initializing a Natural session.

Relink the Nucleus:

(Job I060)

Adapt the link steps for Natural:

  1. Add the following INCLUDE statement to the link of the environment-independent nucleus to include the Natural Optimizer Compiler modules:

  2. Relink your nucleus as described in Link the Nucleus in Installing Natural.

Installation Verification

You can verify the successful installation of the Natural Optimizer Compiler by performing the following steps:

  1. Recatalog an existing program or write a new program and then catalog it.

  2. Check the directory information for the program you have just cataloged, by using the following LIST system command:

    LIST DIR object-name

    The directory information for the specified object will be displayed, showing the size of the machine code at the bottom of the screen.