Post Assignment of Fields

A field which has been previously defined in the screen layout of a map may be assigned the field name and field attributes of a DDM field definition or a DEFINE DATA definition.

Duplicate field names are only allowed for fields defined as output-only fields.

A map field which has been created from a DDM can be redefined by using the appropriate DDM field definition from this DDM or a DEFINE DATA definition.

Post assignment can be done by entering the number (or letter) assigned to a DDM field definition as described in Selecting Data Definitions.

Post assignment can only be done if the format of the layout agrees with the field definition. N and P are considered to be identical numeric.

Post assignment cannot be used for view arrays (in a DDM field definition or a DEFINE DATA definition) if one or more dimensions of that array are smaller than the dimensions of the array in the layout.

If a length conflict occurs, an AL/FL/NL attribute is generated to map the field definition to the layout definition with truncation or expansion. Data is truncated when AL/FL/NL is specified.