Natural for VSAM

This documentation describes the various aspects of Natural when used in a VSAM environment.

General Information Special considerations on the environments supported by Natural for VSAM, known incompatibilities and constraints when using Natural for VSAM, terms used in this documentation, and on error messages related to Natural for VSAM.
Introduction to Natural for VSAM Components of Natural for VSAM, structure of the Natural interface to VSAM.
Customizing Natural for VSAM Description of the Natural for VSAM parameters, macros and I/O modules.
Operation Information on operational aspects like how to invoke Natural for VSAM, OPEN/CLOSE processing, Natural file access, buffers for memory management, and application programming interfaces.
Natural Statements and Transaction Logic with VSAM Special considerations on the use of Natural statements and system variables with VSAM. In addition, the Natural transaction logic with VSAM is discussed.

Related Documentation

For installation instructions, see Installing Natural for VSAM in the Installation for z/OS and Installation for z/VSE documentation.

For various aspects of accessing data in a database with Natural, see also Database Access in the Natural Programming Guide.

For a list of the abend codes of Natural for VSAM, refer to Natural for VSAM Abend Codes (in the Natural Messages and Codes documentation).