Natural System Files

A Natural system file stores Natural objects and non-Natural objects that belong to either user-defined applications or Natural system applications (for example, utilities) supplied by Software AG.

Natural objects stored in a system file include cataloged objects and source objects as described in Natural Compiler in the section Natural Nucleus. Natural system files are stored in database file or storage systems such as Adabas and VSAM. Depending on the system environment, Natural system files can reside in different database file or storage systems.

A Natural system file is accessed when a user reads or modifies a Natural object. In addition, a system file is accessed when an object is loaded into the buffer pool for subsequent execution (see the section Natural Buffer Pool).

This section contains information on:

Types of System File

The table below lists and describes the Natural system files that are usually available in a Natural environment. The availability of the system files and the data contained in the files depends on the Software AG products installed in addition to base Natural.

The settings for the system files are defined with Natural profile parameters of the same names (exception: scratch-pad file). You can follow the hyperlinks in the table below to read details about these parameters in the Parameter Reference documentation.

System File Supplied with File Contents
FNAT Base Natural All objects required for Natural system applications.
FUSER Base Natural User-specific objects required for user-defined applications.
FPROF Base Natural Parameter profiles specified by the profile parameter PROFILE, provided no database information is supplied as subparameter of PROFILE.
Scratch-pad file Base Natural Data that is not stored explicitly as a Natural object in another system file. See also Natural Scratch-Pad File in the Operations documentation.
FDIC Base Natural Natural Data Definition Modules (DDMs).

If Predict is installed, FDIC also contains data for the Predict dictionary system.

If the Natural Development Server is installed, FDIC also contains application data and holds object locking information.

FREG Base Natural Registry data that is not stored explicitly in another system file.
FSEC Natural Security Control information required for security definitions.
FSPOOL Natural Advanced Facilities Control and spooling information required to output a report on a screen or printer and obtain print statistics.

Libraries in System Files

Natural objects contained in the Natural system files FNAT and FUSER are grouped into logical constructs called libraries as illustrated in the diagram below:

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