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Key Characteristics
APIs are the new channel for the distribution of products and services, enabling you to reach new markets, create revenue streams and quickly reach partners and consumers. Natural API Management will enable you to expose Natural applications as an API, allowing you to unlock the unique value of existing applications, and also provides the ability to accelerate mobile strategy and innovative apps to reach the customers.
In this context, Natural API Management offers valuable features for your environment:
*Natural API Development - API generation from Natural applications
Ability to expose Natural applications as API objects. The Natural server can be hosted on a mainframe or in Linux, UNIX and Windows environments. For remote access, Natural Development Server needs to be enabled.
*API Management
*Lifecycle management of APIs
Manage the entire process of designing, developing, deploying, versioning and retiring APIs. Ensure standards and practices by defining permissible transitions between states. Use built-in versioning capabilities to track API versions.
*APIs repository
Provide a repository that allows keeping API documentation, technical information and interfaces.
*API publishing
Publish REST and SOAP APIs. Automatically synchronize API documentation between your enterprise catalog and developer portal. Collect analytics at the portal to better understand portal usage. Analysis of popularity - which APIs are popular and which are not. Allow developers to read about, request access to and test your APIs. Deploy webMethods API-Portal in the public cloud, private cloud or in the DMZ.
*API catalog
Catalog all APIs for discovery, re-use and lifecycle management. Browse and search API capabilities.
*API security and mediation
Use policy driven security to uniformly secure and monitor access to back-end services from apps using your APIs. Support for transport and message-layer security, including authentication, authorization, digital encryption and digital signatures. Provide runtime enforcement of defined policies.
*API monitoring
Quickly identify service issues and provide deep visibility into transactions.
*Multi-caches and in-memory data
Gives more power to the entire solution (for example, APIs and services), allowing scalability to attend a higher number of consumers.
*Implement a single solution for both internal and external as APIs.
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