Natural API Management Documentation : Concepts and Facilities : Introduction
Due to the influence of new technologies (for example, Mobile, Cloud, Social, IoT), the API (Application Programming Interface) adoption became an important asset to the business, enabling innovative applications through internet protocols and so, quickly reaching internal and external consumers. This distribution channel allows companies to reach new markets and partners by offering new products and services.
Natural API Management is the solution to expose and maximize the great value of Natural applications by extending its usage as an API.
Since we provide more business features by API exposure, management becomes necessary and important, as the scalability of consumption is increasing significantly. The Natural API Management platform, where NaturalONE and EntireX are essential components in the creation and reuse of Natural applications, lets you manage the entire process of planning, designing, developing and securely exposing your Natural APIs to external developers, partners, and other consumers. Thus, you can:
*Quickly expose Natural applications as APIs.
*Integrate and compose APIs with webMethods ESB.
*Manage the API lifecycle end-to-end with CentraSite.
*Protect and virtualize your APIs with webMethods Mediator and Enterprise Gateway.
*Engage with developers and B2B partners using webMethods API-Portal.
*Monitor APIs holistically with webMethods Insight.
This solution provides extensive capabilities and flexibility on end-to-end API management for Natural applications, and it also allows Adabas and Natural customers to exchange data and functionality involving heterogeneous technologies to meet business demands.
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