Natural API Management Documentation : Concepts and Facilities : Exposing Natural as an API : Step-by-Step
This section describes the procedure that is used to expose Natural business rules as an API and to enable the registration and governance of the deployed assets.
This procedure is based on Natural programs on a mainframe, but it also works for Natural on Linux, UNIX and Windows (LUW).
Sample of a Natural application used
NaturalONE – Remote access to the Natural environment
RPC customization
Testing the subprogram using the Natural RPC server environment
Integration Server customization
CentraSite repository customization
Integration Server – Defining the package
Extracting the IDL from a Natural application
Exposing the web service from EntireX Developer to CentraSite
The web service can be exposed by Integration Server, where you can add new functionality of other application systems. In this example, the exposed web service is based on the IDL extracted from Natural.
Exposing the service from CentraSite to API-Portal
Virtualizing the service and publishing to Mediator
Visualizing the API in API-Portal
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