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Solution Layers
The above figure describes the roles of the individual elements in the layers that involve the solution. The following is a summary of each layer:
*Backend Services and Database Layer
The solution has comprehensive and integrated tools that allow you to expose Natural business rules in a very easy and quick way using a graphical interface. This reduces error-prone manual tasks and also allows for code testing and debugging. The Natural applications can be hosted on mainframe or Linux, UNIX and Windows (LUW) platforms.
*Mediation, Integration/Composer and Repository Layer
This layer provides the ability to develop service flows using the available assets (for example, APIs, web services) and to integrate heterogeneous technologies. It provides all the capabilities needed to quickly create, deploy and publish services. It also enables you to enforce defined security polices, apply protocol transformation and mediation capabilities.
This layer also includes the following:
*Monitoring Component
The users will have monitoring capabilities. Thus, they are able to quickly identify service issues. This provides visibility into the transactions provided by the APIs.
*Web Service Repository Component
The solution provides a repository and allows management of assets (for example, APIs, web services). This helps enterprises to securely expose Natural API services, and developers can thus easily create new web, mobile and cloud apps. As a result, you can reach new customers, support new devices and technologies, and obtain new sources of revenue. In addition, it also allows lifecycle management of APIs.
*Engagement Layer
The users will have the presentation functionality offered by the API Portals. Using the engagement layer, it is possible to get information about the APIs (for example, directory information, documentation, and access methods). You can also discover or search for APIs, and try and set deals for API use.
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