USCAN - Scan Contents of PDS(E)/Library Datasets

This utilities allows to scan the contents of PDS(E)/Library datasets. On invocation you’ll see the following map (z/OS):

 14:42:59        TID     9          COMTES68          User COK          18.02.08
                            --- Scan PDS(E) Dataset ---                         
 Library .........:                                                             
 Dataset Name.....:                                                             
        Volume ...:                                                             
 Scan Argument(s).:                                                             
       Match case.: N                                                           
 The Output will be sent to the following destination: *                        
 ('*' means the output goes to your terminal)                                   

Required inputs are

  • a library as defined in UEDTB1 or ULIBID or a DSN (+Vol for uncataloged datasets);

  • One or more SCAN arguments separated by ",".

You may also specify if you require an exact match (case sensitive) or not, and a print destination if you wish to see the result on a printout.

There is also a CGI version of this utility (WSCAN) to get the results in a browser window.