UATTACH - Start Background Program

This utility program can be used for starting an asynchronous (background) program to run in a thread in the Com-plete address space. UATTACH purely provides an interface for entering the data necessary for running the program:

  • the name of the program,

  • a parameter string to be passed to the program,

  • the number of instances (how many times to start the program in parallel,

  • a user ID for the asynchronous program to run with. Security is controlled by RACF / ACF2 / TopSecret based on surrogate authorization.

17:07:01        TID    12          Com-plete         User MBE          13.11.00
                    --- Start an Asynchronuous Program ---                 UATT

Program name.....:
Parameter string.:

Start program.....   1 time(s)

If the program should run with a userID different from your own:
(You must be an authorized surrogate!)

User ID..........:

                  End        Start

Programs that use device-dependent terminal-write functions must not be run asynchronously. See the description of function ATTACH in the Com-plete Application Programming documentation for more information about running asynchronous programs.