UPDLDSN - List z/OS Datasets or z/VSE Libraries

The Com-plete utility UPDLDSN allows you to list datasets (z/Os) or libraries (z/VSE).


Requires as input a high-level-qualifier for a DSN. It can contain wildcards like % or *.

For example, UPDLDSN COM.RLSE.IV%%1.MVS* lists

COM.RLSE.IV%%1.MVS*                        Type  on volume(s) 
COM.RLSE.IV611.MVS.LOAD                    PDS   FSM022       
COM.RLSE.IV611.MVS.SMLISTA                 PDSE  FSM015       
COM.RLSE.IV621.MVS.LOAD                    PDS   FSM031       
COM.RLSE.IV621.MVS.SMLISTA                 PDSE  FSM026       
End of Dataset list                                             

The resulting list includes all sequential datasets, ALIAS names and PDS(E) datasets conforming to the input parameter. When a dataset is selected by cursor, UPDS L is called for this dataset.


This utility displays a list of all libraries found during Com-plete Startup. This includes also libraries which were not defined in UEDTB1. Selecting a library by cursor displays a directory list of this library.