UCOPY - PRINT/SAVE Screen Utility

The online utility UCOPY is designed for use with 3270-type terminals. It enables you to print a copy of a screen on a printer terminal (or any terminal) or save the screen in an editor work file.

The PRINT and SAVE functions of UCOPY are controlled by the USCHC utility.

This document covers the following topics:

Command Format

To invoke UCOPY, press PA2, or use the command format for UCOPY, shown below:


Functional Considerations

For a printout, the default screen-to-hardcopy terminal is used for output. To save the screen in a work file, the HC function of the UUTIL utility should have the field "Save screen for edit" set to Y (yes). You can then recover the screen using the Full Screen Editor menu. See UUTIL - Menu-driven Utility Functions for more information.

You can use the utility UCOPY at any time. Note that since it uses the message switching/printout spooling task of Com-plete, execution of UCOPY does not cause the online program in use to terminate.

When you are using a program such as UEDIT, press ENTER first in order to avoid losing screen input before invoking UCOPY.


While displaying data with UEDIT, you wish to print the currently displayed screen. The UUTIL default TID for your terminal is TID 11. The following command request will, without terminating UEDIT, cause the displayed screen to be printed on TID 11: