ARIS Architect - Version 10.0 Service Release 5

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System Requirement, Installation, and Upgrade

     Architecture and Requirements
     Command-Line Tools

Product Documentation

     Quick Start Guide ARIS Architect
     Method Manual
     ArchiMate® 3.0 User Guide
     Report Scripting - Best Practices
     Modeling Conventions for Process Governance
     Method Reference
     Barrier-free Work with ARIS Publisher Exports
     Interactive Guide - Model
     Interactive Guide - Script Editor
     Accelerators for GDPR Use Case
     GDPR Conventions for ARIS Accelerators

Additional Documentation

     Features Overview - Presentation
     Features Overview
     Functional Product Matrix
     Method Matrix
     Technical Product Matrix
     Disclaimer and General Notices
     Mobile API - Technical Introduction
     Mobile Access Legal Terms
     Product Lifecycle Information
     Information about Thirdparty Components
     Report Script Changes

Page last updated: June 29, 2018