Apama Predictive Analytics Plug-in 10.11 | Apama Predictive Analytics Plug-in | Working with Sample Project
Working with Sample Project
Running the sample project in Software AG Designer
Running the sample project in Apama command prompt
Running the sample project using ant configuration
Sample output
The Predictive Analytics plug-in package ships a sample project EnergyData available at APAMA_HOME/samples/PredictiveAnalytics/EnergyData. You can use this as a reference for using Predictive Analytics Plug-in.
It is recommended that you copy this sample folder to APAMA_WORK directory rather than running it directly from the installation directory. For Windows users with UAC enabled, this step is required to avoid access denied errors when writing to the sample directory.
Ensure that the Predictive Analytics Engine license file (zementis.license) is copied to SAG_HOME/Zementis/adapa-bundle/lib folder.
Running the sample project performs the following tasks:
*Starts correlator, injects the plugin bundle, initialises the Predictive Analytics plug-in by injecting EnergyDataSample.mon and the input is sent from EnergyData.evt.
*Apama EPL application EnergyDataSample.mon performs the following tasks to configure the Predictive Analytics plug-in:
*Creates a new ServiceParams instance and provides details about the PMML model to be loaded.
*Uses a ServiceHandlerFactory to create a new Predictive Analytics plug-in instance with the configured parameters.
*Receives a callback on onServiceInitialised with reference to the newly created ServiceHandler after the Predictive Analytics plug-in instance is successfully created.
*Forwards any requests (SampleInput) received to the Predictive Analytics engine by creating a new com.apama.pa.pmml.Input request.
*Consumes responses (com.apama.pa.pmml.Output) from the Predictive Analytics engine.