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Specifying control parameters
When subscribing to a quotebook datastream, in order to identify the exact quote you want the adapter to subscribe to, you provide information by passing a com.apama.session.CtrlParams object as the second argument to the QuotebookInterfaceManager instance's connect() action.
Many adapters use standard control parameters. For a list of commonly used standard control parameters, see Standard control parameters. For information about specialized control parameters used by individual adapters, refer to the adapter documentation.
You create the CtrlParams object and specify its contents as follows:
1. Create a com.apama.session.CtrlParams object, for example:
com.apama.session.CtrlParams connParams := new com.apama.session.CtrlParams
2. Add the names and values of the control parameters to the CtrlParams object using the addParam() action. For example:
connParams.addParam("Currency", "USD");
connParams.addParam("VolumeBands", "1000000,3000000,5000000,10000000");
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