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Quick steps to a new algorithm
Defining a new algorithm can be as easy as copying an existing one, and then adjusting its names and functions to make it your own. The following copy/paste/rename tasks can be performed in the file system at the corresponding locations in the \Users\{username}\workspacenn.
Event Modeler is deprecated. Support for creating and deploying scenarios will be removed in a future release. It is recommended that you use EPL or queries to build new CMF applications.
To define a new algorithm from an existing one
1. On the Software AG Designer's Project menu, clear the option on Build Automatically.
2. Three elements are required to clone a strategy: the strategy implementation that has built in the Apama Event Modeler, the dashboards that display the strategy and its dialogs, and the initialization events that provide access to the strategy from relevant lists and pulldowns.
If you encounter synch alerts, do a refresh (F5) to resynchronize the files.
3. To clone the Crossover strategy:
a. Copy the folder src/Algo_Scenarios/Crossover/ and then click on src/Algo_Scenarios/ and paste it.
b. Rename the folder myCrossover, and then rename the file myCrossover.sdf.
c. Change something simple like the text message.
d. Save the myCrossover.sdf file. This will now be injected when the correlator restarts.
4. The dashboards run and display the new strategy, and its dialog box for creating instances. To clone the dashboards
a. Copy the folder dashboards/algos/Crossover/, and then paste it dashboards/algos/.
b. Rename the folder myCrossover, and then rename the files myCrossover.rtv and myCrossover_Create.rtv
c. Open each dashboard in Apama Dashboard Builder, revise the name label to myCrossover, revise the command's target scenario to myCrossover, and any other locations that are assigned the strategy name.)
d. Save both dashboard files.
5. To add the new strategy to get it on the menu, copy the file src/InitialiseFiles/scenario_metadata/CrossoverDescription.evtPaste it as myCrossoverDescription.evt. Update the first two strings in the file to "myCrossover".
6. Build and the run the project.
The algo menu displays your addition.
Choosing the myCrossover algo, and then clicking Create displays its dashboards.
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