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Importing the ATA project into Software AG Designer
When you have Software AG Designer and CMF installed, you can modify the ATA that is pre-defined as an Eclipse project.
If you ran the ATA through its startDemo script, an ATA_{version}\build directory was created. That directory will cause issues if it is imported as part of an existing project. You must delete the ATA_{version}\build directory before starting the project import procedure. The project will then create its build directory in its workspace.
With a future version, the Analytic bundle will no longer be included as a dependency of ATA. If you are depending on functionality exposed by the Analytic bundle, you will then have to manually add this bundle to your project. See also Analytic bundle.
To import the Algorithmic Trading project
1. In Software AG Designer, choose the Apama Developer perspective.
2. Select File > Import.
3. In the Import dialog box, select General > Existing Projects into Workspace.
4. Click Next.
5. Confirm that the option Copy projects into workspace is selected.
6. At Select root directory, click Browse.
7. Select the ATA directory that you copied to your custom location, and then click OK.
8. Click on Algorithmic Trading Accelerator.
9. Click Finish.
10. Select Project > Clean.
11. Choose to rebuild all projects.
The project is imported and built in Software AG Designer.
12. You can run the ATA within Software AG Designer by right-clicking on the Algorithmic Trading Accelerator project, and then choosing Run as > Apama Application.
Using this launch profile runs the Apama server and a dashboard locally. The launch expects to start the correlator, so check to see that it is stopped before performing a launch. (Before using the launch profile for the first time, you should close and re-open the Algorithmic Trading project, or restart Software AG Designer. That will work around an issue in Software AG Designer where the block and function catalogs of a newly imported project might not be found on its first run.)
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