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Deploying the ATA to a web application server
The ATA can run on a single machine, and allow multiple trading clients to connect to it using dashboards that have been deployed using a web application server of the user's choice.
To deploy the ATA to a web application server
1. If you need to adjust the dashboard deployment properties (such as the port that the display server uses), edit the file %APAMA_FOUNDATION_HOME%/config/dashboard_deploy.xml in the ATA directory to set any appropriate settings that are required for deployment.
2. In the Start menu, expand Software AG > Tools > Apama Capital Markets n.n and choose Apama Capital Markets Command Prompt n.n. This sets up the environment of Apama and the CMF in a Command Prompt located in the working directory.
3. Change directories to set the path to the ATA directory, %APAMA_FOUNDATION_HOME%/accelerators/ATA.
4. Enter deploy.bat.
When successful, a WAR file for the deployment of the Algorithmic Trading Accelerator is created in the ATA's deploy directory. This WAR file can then be deployed as a web application server of the user's choice. Users should follow the deployment instructions for their chosen web application server, which should be run with the Java version supported by Apama.
This deployment WAR file will be signed with a self-signed certificate supplied with the ATA. This may cause authentication warnings on client machines with some Java runtime environment versions.
For a workaround to these warnings, see the following topic in the Apama documentation: "Web Start deployment" in Building and Using Dashboards. A Certificate Signing Request (CSR) file, DashboardKeystore.csr, is included in the ATA/dashboards directory for this purpose. If you wish to sign the deployment WAR file with your own key store then update the properties in the Deploy and Keystore properties section of the ATA/build.xml file.
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