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Using the position service framework
Position service framework architecture
Overview of using the position service framework
Defining slices that identify positions to be tracked
Working with Position events
Creating and using position service interfaces
Using default position trackers
Implementing custom position trackers
Position service framework and persistence
Applications can use the position service framework to calculate positions in different ways. The framework provides several default position tracker implementations as well as EPL interfaces that let you build custom position tracker implementations.
The position service framework uses position tracker names that are consistent with standard finance terminology. The position service framework provides support for your applications to track:
*Open positions - actual long and short positions that result from buy or sell order executions.
*Pending positions - potential long and short positions that could occur if currently open buy or sell orders are filled.
*Reserved positions - potential future positions that have been reserved.
*Realized profit and loss - actual profit and loss resulting from order executions and normalized to a specified currency.
For reference information, see the ApamaDoc.
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