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Using low-level MDA interfaces
Introduction to use of low-level MDA interfaces
Starting a session
Creating a market data manager
Connecting to a datastream
Connecting to a quotebook datastream
Specifying control parameters
Standard control parameters
Accessing datastream information
Accessing quotebook datastream information
Disconnecting from a datastream
Stopping a session
Precautions when spawning to contexts
This section describes how to use low-level MDA interfaces to make queries and connections and obtain the required data from a specific session. For most applications, the MDA subscriber factory and subscriber handler interfaces described in Overview of using MDA provide all needed functionality. You might want to use low-level MDA interfaces when you want to do the following:
*Build custom subscribers
*Have greater control over the setup of the underlying services
*Continue previous use of synthetic services such as the internal CMF aggregator, crossing service, pricing service
The SessionManagerFactory event object is the main starting point for all applications that want to use the low-level MDA interfaces. This provides the application with an interface to query and control the session that it needs to use. The MDManagerFactory event object is the starting point for applications to create all of the necessary MDA Manager objects used to query and connect to the specific session datastreams.
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