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Using CMF components
A CMF application is no different from any other Apama application. It can use all available Apama EPL facilities (such as listeners, event objects, closures, and parallel contexts), it can be controlled through scenarios, and it can interact with the outside world through adapters and dashboards.
You can add CMF functionality to an application by writing EPL monitors and event types that use CMF components, or by building scenarios in the Apama Event Modeler that use CMF Smart Blocks and functions. Smart blocks allow you to implement some CMF functionality within Event Modeler scenarios. For example, you can use Market Data Manager smart blocks to access market datastreams from a particular session, such as an adapter.
Some CMF components may not yet support multi-context operation. These limitations are noted where necessary.
CMF components are distributed as Apama correlator deployment packages (CDPs). Once you have installed the CMF, you will be able to add the CMF bundles to a project. If you want to distribute an application that does not use Software AG Designer, a set of Ant macros has been provided to assist with the EPL injection.
Event Modeler is deprecated. Support for creating and deploying scenarios will be removed in a future release. It is recommended that you use EPL or queries to build new CMF applications.
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