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Unsubscribing from market data
To stop receiving market data, execute one of the unsubscribe actions provided by the subscriber object:
To Do This
Unsubscribe from one symbol or multiple symbols.
Unsubscribe from one symbol or multiple symbols and invoke the specified callback upon successful unsubscription.
Specify the symbol or sequence of symbols that you want to unsubscribe. There must be a subscription for each symbol you specify. It does not matter whether the subscription was for an individual symbol or a sequence of symbols. Any subscribed symbol can be unsubscribed individually or as part of a sequence.
If you specify a callback MDA invokes it upon successful unsubscription. An unsubscribe action that specifies a callback ignores any unsubscription callbacks previously added with the xxxSubscriber.addUnsubscribeCallback() action.
Before disconnecting from a session, it is good practice to terminate any subscriptions serviced by that session.
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