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Test cases for market data publishers
The rules above suggest a minimum set of test cases for order publishers. They are given in the table below.
The publisher must filter on all composite source keys and publish data with them too
The adapter must filter subscriptions and unsubscriptions based on the service, market and, where used, the exchange. They must also put all of these fields in the Depth and Tick events they produce. Note that the exchange is only provided in extra parameters.
Where adapters support multiple types of depth subscriptions the receiver must filter based on the extra parameter containing the subscription type. This parameter is adapter specific.
Subscriptions with an empty serviceId should be ignored.
The publisher must start and stop Depth and Tick data based on the reference count
The adapter should lazily provide data based on the reference count being greater than 0.
The publisher should not allow the reference count go below 0
Publishers might accidentally send too many unsubscriptions. When this happens the reference count must never go below 0, so that a single new subscription will re-enable the data.
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