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Standard control parameters
The standard control parameters listed in this table are used by many adapters.
Control Parameter Key
A comma separated list of the volumes the adapter should get Quotes for, for example, "1000000,3000000,5000000,10000000".
The three letter Currency Code the Quote prices should be expressed in. If this is not specified, this is set by default to the base currency of the Quote.
The settlement date of the Quote in the format expected by the adapter.
The CFI Code (Classification of Financial Instruments) six character code. (The default for this can be read in from the adapter configuration file).
Whether to include indicative quotes (tradeable=false). The default is false so indicative prices are filtered out.
Any FIX tag integer can be added and will be processed by the adapter and passed on to the exchange, for example, "6363:"B1".
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