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Sample code for using OrderSender
The following sample code show the tasks that must be accomplished before an application can use an order sender to submit orders to a risk firewall. This example uses an order sender to submit a hardcoded new order to the risk firewall. In a real application, the sendOrder() action would likely be called when a user-interface event occurs, such as a user clicking on a Buy button.
using com.apama.firewall.RiskFirewallFactory;
using com.apama.firewall.RiskFirewall;
using com.apama.oms.NewOrder;
monitor RiskFirewallExample12 {
action onload() {
// Use a risk firewall factory to create a new
// risk firewall instance named MyFirewall. This example
// uses the default configuration parameter settings.
RiskFirewall rfw :=
(new RiskFirewallFactory).create(context.current(), "MyFirewall");
// Register a rule class and add an instance of that class.
// Create a receiver for the orders coming out of the
// risk firewall and add a callback to be executed
// upon approval of new orders.
integer refId := rfw.getOrderReceiver().
addAcceptedOrderCallback( cbOnApprovedNewOrders );
// Unlock the risk firewall.
rfw.unlockCb( cbOnFirewallUnlocked );
// This action is called after the risk firewall is unlocked.
// It indicates that the risk firewall is ready to receive orders.
// Typically, orders are sent at a later time and a callback that
// indicates when orders can be sent is not needed.
action cbOnFirewallUnlocked ( RiskFirewall rfw ) {
// Send a new order to the risk firewall.
NewOrder("orderId_1","APMA.L", 1.0, "BUY", "MARKET", 10,
"TargetService", "","","TargetMarket","", "TraderA",
new dictionary<string,string> ) );
// Set up a callback handler for new orders that the
// risk firewall has approved.
action cbOnApprovedNewOrders( NewOrder order ) {
log "Firewall has approved the NewOrder: "+order.toString();
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