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Processing order updates
After an external component, such as an adapter or OMS handler, processes an order, it sends a com.apama.oms.OrderUpdate event to the risk firewall order receiver that forwarded the order. Your application should then call the OrderReceiver.sendOrderUpdate() action to pass the order update back into the risk firewall. The OrderReceiver.sendOrderUpdate() action takes one argument, which is a com.apama.oms.OrderUpdate event for an order that the risk firewall is currently processing.
The risk firewall then executes the RuleClass.processRuleClassUpdate() action and RuleClass.processRuleInstanceUpdate() action, if they are implemented. This allows the registered rule classes to update any internal state that might be dependent on the information in the order update. For example, a custom rule class implementation might track when an order has been filled and by how much.
After all registered rule classes process the order update, the risk firewall calls the order update callbacks and passes the order update to the order sender that originated the order.
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