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Retrieving rows from a configuration table
The process for retrieving rows from a configuration table is similar to that for adding or updating rows, in that a key must first be generated from a sequence of index field values. The row corresponding to the key can then be retrieved as a standard Apama MemoryStore Row event:
action onSuccess3(integer id) {
sequence<string> keyseq := ["aString"];
key := _table.makeKey(keyseq);
if key.length() < 1 then {
log "Failed to create key for existing row" at ERROR;
if not _table.hasRow(key) then {
log "Row does not exist after it has been created" at ERROR;
// Make sure the new row has the right fields
com.apama.memorystore.Row row := itable.getRow(key);
log "*** row after creation:" at INFO;
log row.getString("stringField") at INFO;
log row.getInteger("integerField").toString() at INFO;
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