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Order Blotter
The Order Blotter sample demonstrates how to use the order monitor state container component. This sample extends the Market Simulation sample. The market simulator and an order flow generator are used to provide simulated markets for several symbols. However, in this sample the dashboard is used to visualize the order flow, rather than the market data derived from it. The dashboard also allows you to interact with orders by amending or canceling them. Select an order to enable the modification buttons.
Market Simulation in the Order Blotter sample is the same as the Market Simulation sample. As it generates order into an exchange, this sample will be monitoring the orders, rather than monitoring the depth from the exchange.
The Order Blotter provides a DataView with all of the active orders as well as the last 50 finalized orders. The number is limited to prevent too many DataViews.
Similar to other samples, the init.evt file in the events directory does the following:
*Initializes the CMF.
*Initializes the DataViews for the market monitor.
*Configures symbol simulation.
The Order Blotter sample demonstrates the following:
*How to monitor orders with a DataView
*How to amend and cancel orders
*How to create an interactive dashboard for amending and cancelling orders with simple validation
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