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Market Monitor
This sample provides an example of a market monitor dashboard and shows how to use the depth publisher service, which randomly generates depth events. The associated dashboard displays generated data for every subscribed symbol from the depth DataView. This dashboard has only a few objects and no functions, but demonstrates how to build dashboards.
In the Market pane, select a symbol to view bid and ask details.
The init.evt file in the events directory does the following:
*Initializes the CMF.
*Initializes the DataViews for the market monitor.
*Configures symbol simulation.
The market monitor dashboard uses the depth and tick DataView that is automatically generated by the CMF (for all subscribed depth and tick symbols) and can display top-line depth, a detailed break down of depth (top five levels), as well as last traded price and quantity. Select Help > Command Line Options from the dashboard menu to see a list of command line options. You can start the project from the command line or enter options in the run configuration and run the sample from Software AG Designer.
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