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Market data publisher error handling
Apama has developed a set of best practices for market data publishers (typically adapter service monitors) to follow when dealing with disconnections or other errors in the underlying adapter. Whilst these are not strictly part of the com.apama.marketdata API or protocol they should be followed where possible by any market data publisher component. Some of these rules have already been mentioned above but it is useful to list them all in one place:
*The market data publisher should use the IAFStatusManager to track the state of its connection to the IAF and the IAF’s connection to the remote service
*If the publisher becomes disconnected from the IAF or the IAF becomes disconnected from the remote service, the publisher should:
*Not assume that all subscriptions have been canceled by the adapter
*When the connection is restored, explicitly unsubscribe and resubscribe for all subscriptions that were active when the connection failed
*As discussed above the error reporting events in the com.apama.marketdata API should not be used. Instead publishers should report connection failures through the com.apama.statusreport API.
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