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Legacy Market Data Management
Market data gateway service
Market data bridging service
Market data publisher components
Depth and tick DataViews
Although previous sections described the Market Data Architecture that should be used, some existing EPL applications and IAF adapters still make use of the legacy market data management events. The legacy market data management events and relevant Market Data utilities are included in the CMF for backwards compatibility purposes, but will be deprecated in a future release.
The components and services in the Market Data Utils bundle provide functionality for market data receiving, publishing, and transferring into, out of and within CMF applications. In the current version of CMF, market data generally refers to the abstractions for market prices and trade reports defined by the com.apama.marketdata.* events in the Legacy Finance Support Bundle. MDA provides a newer interface for handling market data.
These components and services are in use in existing applications to:
*Subscribe to market data from an adapter or some other source.
*Publish or distribute market data to other parts of the application, or other systems. This could include implementing a new market data adapter.
*Transparently bridge market data between multiple correlators.
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