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Creating and using position service interfaces
Managing subscriptions
Managing position trackers
Managing the position service framework
To use the position service framework, your application must create an instance of the com.apama.position.PSInterface event. This event provides actions that let your application interact with the position service framework.
To create a position service interface object, execute the create() action defined in the com.apama.position.PSFactory event. The create() action parameters specify a reference to the main context, a position service configuration object, and the user-defined action to execute upon creation of the interface object. An instance of com.apama.position.PSInterface is returned in the callback.
In this release, the position service configuration object is not used. You must still specify it but it is reserved for future use.
You use the PSInterface object to execute actions for
*Managing subscriptions
*Managing position trackers
*Managing the position service framework
See the ApamaDoc for reference information for these actions.
Code that provides an example of setting up the position service framework is in Creating and subscribing to the open position tracker.
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