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Creating an instance of the cross rate service
The following code excerpt shows how to create an instance of the synthetic Cross Rate Service using two underlying Sessions (1 and 2):
action createCrossRateService() {
// Get the SessionInfo for the two underlying Sessions we want to use
// In this case, SessionId 1 and 2
sequence<com.apama.session.SessionInfo> sources := new
sources.append( sessionManagerIface.getSessionInfo( 1 );
sources.append( sessionManagerIface.getSessionInfo( 2 );

// Now create the Cross Rate Service
com.apama.md.adapter.CrossRateServiceSession crossRateService := new
crossRateService.create( mainContext, "MyCrossRateSession", sources,
new sequence<com.apama.session.SessionConfigParams>,
xrateCreationSuccess, xrateCreationFailure );
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