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Configuration Service
This sample demonstrates the most commonly used Configuration Service operations:
1. Creating and opening a configuration store backed by an on-disk Memory Store database.
2. Defining and opening a table in the configuration store.
3. Iterating over the rows of an existing table.
4. Adding, updating and removing configuration table rows.
5. Using a wrapper object with the generic configuration row helper to provide a more natural event-based interface to configuration rows.
Many configuration service operations are asynchronous and their success or failure can be signaled by callback actions or routed events. The sample demonstrates both techniques. The tables in the configuration store are exposed as DataViews to simplify visualization and modification of the configuration store.
The first time you run the sample, an on-disk database will be created with no rows in it. Any rows you add while running the sample will be persisted to the database and re-loaded when you run the sample again. To add a row, enter values in the three text fields, select the capabilities and click Add > Update. The sample simply demonstrates how configuration values can be stored and retrieved, the values are not used to actually configure anything.
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