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Basic market data sample
This basic sample includes scenarios that implement MDA smart blocks and dashboards. By default, the sample uses the CMF Exchange Simulator to create a set of three simulated feeds defined for the set of symbols listed below. You can also run the sample using an example implementation of an MDA adapter. The exchange simulator is implemented in EPL, and generates data in the legacy finance interface events, so it uses the MDA MDBridge component to convert to MDA events. The dummy MDA adapter is a process external to the correlator and sends native MDA events.
Regardless of whether you use the simulator or MDA adapter, the dashboards include the following views:
*The Datastreams view displays the set of 5 supported MDA datastream types: BBA, Trade, Depth, Orderbook and Quote. Each of these can be used to connect to a specific symbol on a session for that datastream type.
*The Sessions view displays a list of the sessions that have been created and registered with the Session Manager. This includes information such as the name, description, which datasource the session is associated with, whether it is connected and started, and a list of the supported datastreams. The two graphs at the bottom of this tab show the average market data event rates and the latency rates for each session.
Running the sample
You can run the sample using either of the following configurations:
*The Basic Market Data Sample configuration uses port 15903 and provides three exchange simulator sessions.
*The Basic Market Data Sample (dummyMDA Adapter) configuration uses port 16903 and also provides an example implementation of an adapter that uses the MDA protocol.
To run the sample and select a configuration:
1. In the Project Explorer, right-click Basic Market Data Sample.
2. From the context menu, select Run As > Apama Application.
3. Select the configuration you want to run.
4. Click OK.
Exercising the sample
When the sample launches, you first need to start instances of symbols and connect to them:
1. Click the Datastreams button.
2. Select any of the tabs.
3. Enter one of the supported symbols or symbol sets.
4. Select a Session from the drop-down list.
5. Click Create instance.
6. In the output pane, select an instance and click Connect.
Functionality is similar to that demonstrated by the ATA. See Algorithmic Trading Accelerator for more guidance on usage.
Default symbol set
By default, the SimulatorSessions.evt file defines the following symbols. You can modify or extend the symbol set by altering the SimulatorSessions.evt file. Only symbols defined in this event file can be used in the samples, otherwise no data will be generated.
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