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Using the Order Management System
Blotter window fields
Background effects
Order details
From the left navigation bar, click OMS to display the Order Management page. This page provides the following functionality:
*Selection of multiple instrument groups
*Visual summary of Bid/Ask/Last prices and volumes
*Visual summary of positions in each instrument
*Detailed view of full market depth (5 Best Bid/Asks)
*Order “blotter” view of all orders working and worked in the market
*Selection of an order provides detailed information, and enables modification or cancellation of live orders
The current position of all instruments will be persisted. When the application restarts, the positions are restored.
The Order Management System screen opens with the selected instruments of the subscribed symbol sets listed in the trader section.
At the top of the OMS screen, you can click a button to launch new panes of the Trader section (prices, market depth, and DMA) or the Blotter section (executed orders):
Trader section
The trader section provides the information about trades for the subscribed symbol set. The left side of Trader section provides a view of the market activity and holdings within the current instrument list. When you click on a line, it is selected for order activities. The right side of the Trader section enables monitoring of an instrument and access to trading of the selected instrument, as illustrated:
The market depth and flow information take the pulse of the market for the selected instrument. You can then specify the quantity, type, and price of the intended trade. Clicking the Buy or Sell button submits the order, and then records the transaction in the blotter section. In addition to standard DMA capabilities, this screen supports launching trading strategies directly from this panel. For single instrument strategies, the dialog will reflect the selected instrument and its symbol set in the algo creation dialog.
You can open multiple Trader windows to monitor selected instruments.
Blotter section
The Blotter section provides the status of orders about trades for the subscribed symbol sets. It also will reflect orders that have been blocked by the firewall. You can clear the blotter listings; however, underlying open orders will continue to process. You can open multiple blotter windows but they will all reflect the same data and when one is cleared, they all are cleared.
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